One of the most common fundraising mistakes non-profit groups make is “thinking small”. Avoid making this mistake and help your charity reach their goals.

Today we’re sharing a 3 step strategy for volunteer recruitment that will not only help you grow but drives stronger engagement and volunteer retention for your group.

The best fundraising narratives capture attention, draw interest, and create desire that ultimately leads to action. And it’s the action that matters most to your group.

Are you at a loss for words? Finding it difficult to get started with your fundraising letters? Before you get started make sure that you understand the 3 W’s.

Do the math. Calculate the cost of fundraising and choose a program that will ensure success. Here at Fun Pasta Fundraising, we make it simple.

What does a “successful fundraiser” mean for your group?

While the answer to this question is as varied as the types of groups we work with, the definition of success is not.