The Stepping Stones Learning Center was one of our Fall Sweepstakes winners and is our featured fundraising group. Here is their fundraising story.

Elementary School Fundraisers use incentives because they work. Get all your students involved by using proper incentives and social motivation.

The 4th in our Meet the Team series, Pasta Personalities: Meet Stephanie Kinturi, our Marketing Noodle. Blogging, social media, email newsletters and more…

I was well supported by Fun Pasta Fundraising. This was my first time work with you. We got alot of great feedback from the parents. People were excited to participate in Finch’s Elementary School Fundraiser because it was new, easy and fun.

Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pasta? Who the person is on the other side of the phone when you call? Pasta Personalities: Joann Tapp!!!

The Showdolls competitive dance team sold fun pasta to raise money to cover travel and competition fees. Their inspiring success story with fundraising tips