Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pastas? Here is #7 in our People Behind the Pasta series. Meet Erica Cabrera, Floor Supervisor.

By being intentional and showing your appreciation in small and large ways, you not only create a culture of gratitude, you pay a return on the volunteer’s effort and dedication to your mission.

Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pasta? Who the person in the factory making all that pasta? Meet Ivica Babic!!!!

Don’t make the critical mistake of undervaluing your volunteers. Following these volunteer retention strategies and build lasting relationships with your volunteers.

We’ve discussed Choosing a Winning Fundraising Product for your Team before however there is much more behind successful fundraising campaigns than choosing the right product. This is such an important topic for school administrators, PTO/PTA leaders, and non profit groups that it is worth taking a deeper dive.

This month we interviewed group leader, Sandra Bower and Amanda Khemraj, Preschool Director, Prince of Peace Early Education Center about the preschool fundraiser and their experience working with Fun Pasta Fundraising.