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Hassle free & Contact free!

Earn up to 50% Profit

Orders placed using Seller App or directly online. Maximize your profit by selling both ways!

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Cash prizes between $50-500 can increase the overall profit for your fundraiser!

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Custom seller pages, shared via App or email, and auto reminders make a leader’s job simple!

Sell Fun Pasta

We have something for everyone! Our fun pasta brings smiles to your supporters!

Welcome to Fun Pasta Fundraising – an easy and fun way to raise funds for kids and schools. Get started with no upfront costs, win prizes, enter sweepstakes and so much more! Our quality products are made in the United States (in Nashville to be exact), always ship for free, and since they don’t melt or need to be frozen, they are so much easier to distribute. It’s such a cool way to raise money for your school. Let’s get started.

Our Mobile App Makes Reaching Your Goals Easier Than Ever!

Fun Pasta App Features:

Customizable Seller and Group pages
Easy sharing via text, email, and social
Real-time Leader Reports
Chat feature for Group Communication
Easy Credit Card Orders

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Take a look at some of our top performing groups!


Band Fundraisers

Mooresville Band sold 981 items and raised more than



Cheer Fundraisers

In less than two weeks, Elite Cheer raised over



PTA Fundraisers

Using Brochure & Online sales, Cheat Lake PTO sold over


Types of groups we’ve worked with!


Artisan Quality you can Taste

Since 1994, we’ve been making our pasta right here in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our inspiration came after a honeymoon in Italy.  We loved the Italian way of life and wanted to bring Old World pasta making back to the USA, and focus on shapes that appeal to the American marketplace. 


We manufacture using bronze dies and slow cart drying…which gives our fun shapes a delicious taste and texture.  Buon Appetito!

And remember…The World is Full of Pastabilities®!

Fundraisers for Kids

We’ve taken fundraisers for kids and made the whole process so much easier… and so much more fun! Fun Pasta Fundraising is a unique way to help your kids raise the funds they need to pay for school activities, church programs, after-school activities or supplies, and so much more. Our unique, high-quality past is a great choice during these crazy times, and folks everywhere love the fun shapes and one-of-a-kind themes. Best of all, our high-quality pasta is made in Nashville, so you can proudly help support the American economy as you run your fundraisers for kids.

Looking for fun a fundraiser on Facebook? We can help make it easy. Fun Pasta Fundraising can hook you up with everything you need to conduct an online, contact-free fundraiser. Our easy to use app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple phones, and our pasta bags offer a long lasting, healthy pantry staples that your neighborhood families will love. Once you get started, you’ll have your own seller page that you can share through the app to almost all social channels, including Facebook, Instagram and more. We make it so simple to fun your fundraiser on Facebook!

Online Fundraiser

Online fundraisers are a great choice during these unprecedented times, and Fun Pasta Fundraising makes it simpler than ever to get your online fundraiser up and running in no time. Simply download our app, set up your unique seller page, and you can start sharing your online fundraiser with your friend via your social channels. We’ll even hook you up with a printed brochure to help support your online fundraiser. Our pasta bags make great gifts for the holidays, for birthdays, for special occasions – and our unique pasta shapes and themes are always a hit. Your online fundraiser will be a success with us!

School Fundraisers

School fundraisers are school fun raisers with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Our unique system removes all the hassles, and builds in all the profit. With our made in the U.S.A. pasta bags, our easy to use app, our personalized sales pages that updates in real-time, and our free shipping on orders of $55 and over, it’s so easy for your kids to raise money school. Even better, our healthy, hearty pasta bags are affordable family meals that have shelf lives of 18 to 24 months. Everyone loves them… and you’ll love how simple it is to get your school fundraiser started.

High school fundraisers are a breeze with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Because our pasta bags don’t need to be refrigerated and don’t melt, they’re easy to ship. Plus, our artisan pasta is made the United States and comes in fun, unique themes and shapes are sure to be a hit. We offer an easy to use app, for both Android and Apple phones, that allows you to share your fundraising page across all social media channels, including Instagram. Let’s get started!

Make your next Middle School Fundraiser a success with Fun Pasta Fundraising. You’ll earn 40 to 50 percent profits, based on sales, and will be eligible for sweepstakes prizes and other incentives. There are no upfront costs, and our products don’t have shipping issues, like cookies or chocolates do. We offer an app, provide personalized fundraising web pages, and so much more. Your middle school fundraiser will be a hit!

Looking to run an Elementary School Fundraiser? We can help. At Fund Pasta Fundraising, we have perfected an easier way to raise the money your elementary school needs for school programs, supplies, after school programs and more. Simply sell our fun, uniquely themed bags of pasta and you’ll earn 40 to 50 percent of the profits, based on sales. Our app makes it easy to promote our products on social media, and we support you with personal web pages, and so much more!

Types of Fundraisers


Start your Bands Fundraiser with no upfront costs, no forms—no hassles. We make it easy, with a phone app, custom web page, and more.


Make your next cheerleaders fundraiser a success—with no upfront costs, up to 50% profit from sales and an easy to use phone app.


Run your PTA Fundraiser right off your phone, with no forms to fill out, money to exchange, or order sheets to mail in. It’s so easy!


Creating a Dance Fundraiser is a breeze with Fun Pasta Fundraising—a whole new way to raise funds for dance teams, classes, and more.

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Running Football Fundraisers is easy with us. We offer unique, healthy products that are easier to ship and sell. Keep up to 50% of sales.


Start your Basketball Fundraiser with us, and keep up to 50% of your sales, with no upfront costs and no paperwork to fill out.


Running a Baseball Fundraiser is easier than ever before. Start with no upfront costs on an app right from your phone. It’s simple!


Start a soccer fundraiser with no upfront costs—and run the entire process right from your phone. We make it easy and fun!


Volleyball Fundraisers are easier than ever with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Sell unique, healthy and affordable bags of pasta—and profit!