Crafting Successful Fundraising Narratives

Fundraising Narratives- What's your story? |

Earlier this week we talked about the 3W’s of fundraising letters. After you have an understanding of who you are writing to, why you are writing and, what you want them to do then you are on the way to crafting successful fundraising narratives. Although your fundraising narrative is unique to the group and the cause, all good fundraising stories have some common basic components.

Components of successful fundraising narratives:

  • Use Sincere & Simple language– Convey your passion & dedication for the cause in a personal tone that relates to your audience. Make sure you have a good understanding of “who” your target audience is and tailor your fundraising narrative to that audience.
  • Be specific– Specificity always helps. If you aren’t sure “why” you are fundraising or “what” the money is for, then how are your supporters to know. Don’t ask for “general support”. Instead attach your ask to a specific, measurable goal. For example, “We can put iPad’s into every classroom if we raise $15,000. Our goal is to sell $350 per person, that’s just # bags of pasta per sale!”
  • Be unapologetic about your ask– Most people are hesitant to ask people for money. We get it. However in order to reach your fundraising goals, you must get over your fear of the “ask”. Be bold. Every fundraising narrative or letter you write should not just inform but should include an appeal. Remember your fundraising narrative is designed to raise money, so don’t let your fear of rejection limit your ability to succeed.
  • Convey Gratitude for support– Thank your supporters for their past gifts, purchases, volunteer effort as well as their support of THIS campaign. Share how their money will be used and how it will impact your group.

Well written fundraising narratives are packed with real emotion that is tied to a powerful call to action. The best fundraising narratives capture attention, draw interest, and create desire that ultimately leads to action. And it’s the action that matters most to your group.

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