Selling – it’s simple!

fundraise 2 ways

2 ways to sell: Online &
Brochure with Order Form.

Share customized link
with Email and App.

Order will be delivered in person
or ship direct to home.


Earn 35-50% on all Brochure Orders!

Earn 35-40% on all Online Orders!

No Minimum Order &
No Upfront Costs To Get Started

Earn Bonus Cash Prizes!

Choose how you will fundraise

Brochure & Online or Online Only

Brochure with Order Forms

Orders that are taken with paper order forms, money is collected, and the leader inputs bulk order. 

Online / Direct to Home Shipments

Orders placed through group shopping link or on seller’s app. $8.95 flat rate for orders under $65. Free Shipping over $65!

How to Start a Fundraiser

Leader must sign up on
computer (not app).

First Time Leaders

Go to,
and click “Start My Fundraiser”
at the top

Repeat Leaders

Go to,
log in, and on your dashboard
click the “Start New Fundraiser”

Leader Next Steps

Go to Leader Dashboard

After Account Activation

Invite Sellers to Join Fundraiser

From leader dashboard click on red button
“Invite Sellers”. Follow instructions.

Download Fun Pasta App

The App is designed for SELLERS.
This allows sellers to share online link
for direct-to-home shipments. We encourage
the leader to join as a seller also.

Download the App Now!
Download the App & Join as a
Seller (to be the best leader)

How the App Works for Sellers

Watch these helpful videos!

Customize Seller Page – Add photo
and update story.

Share your Shopping Page – Share
link via text, email, or social.

Leader Dashboard Highlights

Realtime Data, Downloadable Forms, Simple Reports & Closing Your Account

Closing Your Account

Must manually close your account to end online fundraiser and generate profit check. Profit checks are mailed approximately 2 weeks after the fundraiser closes. 

Bulk Orders (in person deliveries) will ship within 3-5 working days from Nashville, TN.

Leaders will sort and distribute products to Sellers, who will be delivering in person.

All Orders shipping Direct to Home, will ship within 2-3 working days of order being placed on App or Online.

Thank You!

Enjoy the pasta and let us know if you have any other questions!

Email or 800-247-0188