Middle School Fundraisers

Earn up to 50% PROFIT!
Your Middle School Fundraiser will be a smashing success with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Keep up to 50% of sales with no upfront costs!

Earn up to 50% Profit

2 ways to sell: Online & Brochure with Order Form.

Win Bonus Cash Prizes

Cash prizes between $50-500 can increase the overall profit for your fundraiser!

Simple Online Tools

Custom seller pages, shared via App or email, and auto reminders make a leader’s job simple!

Sell Fun Pasta

We have something for everyone! Our fun pasta brings smiles to your supporters!

If you are looking to start and run a Middle School Fundraiser, we would love to help. We are Fun Pasta Fundraising, and for years we’ve helped fundraisers just like you raise extra money for their favorite middle schools, whether it’s to help pay for new programs, new equipment, travel experiences and so much more. Our fundraising programs have no upfront costs… and they’re easy and fun to run. Your kids — and your customers — will love them!

Our Mobile App Makes Reaching Your Goals Easier Than Ever!

Fun Pasta App Features:

Customizable Seller and Group pages
Easy sharing via text, email, and social
Real-time Leader Reports
Chat feature for Group Communication
Easy Credit Card Orders

Download the App to get started!


Fundraising is as easy as 1-2-3!


 Download the App

Get your account up-and-running in a minute.


Sell Fun Pasta

Share your Fundraiser via the App. Hassle Free!


Reach Your Goal!

Track all sales in real time, and earn up to 50% Profit!

Fun facts that earn an A+!


With our Brochure, Quest Elementary sold

2617 items!


Surpassing their goal of $20,000, Jennie Moore Elementary sold

27% of sales online!


With an average sale of $110 per person, Guntersville PTSO had a

23% participation rate!

Types of groups we’ve worked with!


Artisan Quality you can Taste

Since 1994, we’ve been making our pasta right here in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our inspiration came after a honeymoon in Italy.  We loved the Italian way of life and wanted to bring Old World pasta making back to the USA, and focus on shapes that appeal to the American marketplace. 


We manufacture using bronze dies and slow cart drying…which gives our fun shapes a delicious taste and texture.  Buon Appetito!

And remember…The World is Full of Pastabilities®!

Start an Online Fundraiser for your Middle School

Fun Pasta Fundraising puts the fun back into fundraising. With our unique products and uniquely designed program, you’ll earn up to 50% of your sales in profit, depending on your volume. Even better, we make it fun for your kids to compete for prizes, compete in sweepstakes, and more. Of course, you will be the very first to find out about new opportunities and you will even have access to lists of previous customers.

Our pasta is made right here in the United States by artisan pasta makers. People love our high-quality, hearty and healthy pasta, and orders usually ship out in 2 to 3 days. Plus, because pasta bags don’t melt, you won’t have to deal with any of the hassles of cookie dough or chocolates. Your customers will appreciate the fact the shipping is free on orders of $65 or over—and even better, it helps provide an incentive to place larger orders. For group orders, there are never any shipping costs.

Pasta is a perfect stock-up and saves food… especially during these crazy times. Starting at just $7.00 per bag, they can feed a family of four and will last between 18 to 24 months in the pantry. Because our pasta bags come in such unique shapes and sizes, your customers will be delighted by your product range. And you can customize the products you offer to match the theme of your middle school fundraiser.

Getting started is easy with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Never any upfront costs—just enter your email address into our webpage or download our newly redesigned app on your Android or Apple phone. You can run your entire fundraiser by phone if you want—and it can be entirely contact-free since all sales can happen online. As a group leader, the app gives you powerful tools to track and manage sales. And built-in social tools make it easy to promote your fundraising page and let your network know about the fundraiser via social media.

You can also choose to run your fundraiser through Brochure & Order Forms.

Ready to start your middle school fundraiser? All you need to do is enter an email address—or if you have any questions simply let us know. We can’t wait to see how big of success your very own middle school fundraiser is!


Middle School Fundraising Idea

Looking for a new middle school fundraising idea? Try Fun Pasta Fundraising – the easiest way to raise money for the causes you care about most. With Fun Pasta Fundraising, you can start with no upfront costs, compete for cash prizes based on sales volume, and keep almost half of what you sell for your middle school.  It’s easy, fun – and a great way to help your school!

Best Middle School Fundraisers

Fun Pasta Fundraising is proud that we have helped create some of the very best middle school fundraisers ever. Our unique, artisan pasta bags are a healthy and hearty staple food – perfect for crazy times like we have all experienced. And it’s a breeze to get up and running with Fun Pasta Fundraising. Simply sign up online or let us know you’re ready to start, and you can start your fundraiser with no upfront fees. Plus, with our digital tools, you can run the wholesale right from your phone or computer! Sell our gourmet bags of hearty pasta and your customers will love that they are made in the USA. You’ll even keep up to 50% of what you sell! Contact us at 1-800-247-0188 or letushelp@funpastafundraising.com to learn more.