Does the idea of adding yet one more thing to your plate have you running scared? Don’t panic. We are here for you. An online fundraiser may be the perfect fit.

The River Bluff HS DECA club ran a successful 1st time fundraiser.For our featured school fundraising group, we interviewed group leader, Bryson Williams.

It is vitally important that you are strategic with your fundraising efforts. This requires planning, budgeting and coordination. Here’s some handy tips that will help you to avoid the “more is more” mentality that leads to over-fundraising and fundraising fatigue.

Are you new to the world of fundraising? Are you overwhelmed and intimidated? Don’t stall out before you even get started. No need to throw in the towel. Fundraising campaigns need not be complicated. Help your group reach their fundraising goals by following these three simple steps.

The first step in planning your next fundraiser is setting fundraising goals. Choose a goal that matches your group’s unique circumstances. Be realistic.

Elementary School PTA Fundraiser’s have a special place in our hearts. We love the kids. For this month’s featured group, we interviewed group leader, Amy Sauer from the PTA at Fallsmead Elementary School.