Fundraising season is here again! It can be a hectic time for leaders, parents and kids alike, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun! Fundraising with Kids 101 provides you with the tools needed to have a successful fundraiser for everyone involved. It’s important…

Last week we shared fundraising tips to help groups use school fundraising incentives to boost participation rates and maximize sales. We believe fundraising can be fun! With that in mind we thought we’d share to top 20 Fundraising incentive ideas for your school group, sports…

2016 Spring Fundraising Sweepstakes Yesterday was groundhog day and I have it on good authority that Spring is on it’s way! Yay, no more old man winter blues. Kids have transitioned back to school after the holidays and we begin the final semester of school. Spring…

By choosing an efficient and profitable fundraising program, setting very specific goals, limiting the amount of fundraisers run annually, and trying something new schools will find that they can reduce fundraising noise and achieve success. And that’s worth talking about 🙂

Great fundraiser kickoff events generate excitement, set the stage for your event and help you increase sales and profits. Here are some great kickoff tips

Announcing our 2015 Fall Fundraising Sweepstakes!!!! Fundraising season is nearly here. Could your school, team or nonprofit group use some additional $$$?

12 Fundraising Resources on the web that will help your school or non profit meet and exceed their fundraising goals. Need to raise money? We can help.

Elementary School Fundraisers use incentives because they work. Get all your students involved by using proper incentives and social motivation.

5 reasons why Spring Fundraisers are a great way to grow profits for your non profit group or organization. Take advantage and Spring Forward with Fun Pasta.

2015 Spring Fun Pasta Fundraising


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