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Healthy Fundraising | Food For Thought

Choosing a healthy fundraising product to raise funds for your school’s fundraiser doesn’t mean less fun or lower profits. A nutritious product is a better alternative to the typical candy bar, cookie dough, and pancake breakfast fundraisers. 

Why should you give your food fundraiser event a healthy mission that is in line with school wellness standards?

Chew on this. 

The benefits of healthy product fundraising are worth more than the money. 

  • It celebrates healthy products as fun, enjoyable options. 
  • It reinforces healthy eating messages. 
  • There’s less “resistance to purchase” when the fundraising product is good for you and has a built-in value. 


healthy green vegetables on countertop


A lot has changed from the years where when you heard the word fundraising, it was either a bake sale or a car wash. 

Some schools have been banned bake sales in the past. Back in 2010, New York Public Schools completely banned baked sales and the selling of baked goods for fundraisers. 

The New York Times reported that New York City’s Public Schools adopted a new rule that only allows PTA’s to hold a fundraiser that includes homemade baked goods “once a month or weekdays after 6 pm.” 

It’s a crack at tackling childhood obesity, which continues to be a problem in the United States. 

According to the CDC, “[Back in 2017-2018], the prevalence of obesity was 19.3% and affected about 14.4 million children and adolescence.” 

Now in 2022, many school districts still push for healthier alternatives in their schools and fundraisers to reinforce healthy habits, setting our future generation up for lifelong success.

With a national focus on childhood obesity and schools teaching students healthier eating habits, your fundraising campaigns are likely to get a better response from parents. 

A better response from parents means greater participation, more sales, and increased profits for your schools and organizations. 

So, how do you break from the traditional foods and items that you’ve always sold to raise money?

We’re here to help!

There are still so many different ways and options to fundraise these days. With the help of technology and easier ways to communicate, the options are endless and none of them have to undermine healthy eating messages. 

According to Alliance for a Healthier Generation, here are the “5 Steps to Healthy Fundraising”:

  1. Know Your Wellness Policy
  2. Provide Alternatives
  3. Engage Kids
  4. Spread the Word
  5. Ask for Help


Now that you know the steps, it’s time to share our food fundraising ideas and why Fun Pasta Fundraising is the right healthy choice for your upcoming fundraisers. 

Here at Fun Pasta Fundraising, we offer not only over 100 different shapes of pasta to match everyone’s likes, interests, and favorite holidays, but we also offer healthier alternatives to fit different diets and needs. 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a benefit of healthy product fundraising is that it celebrates healthy products as fun, enjoyable options – not only to your students but to your supporters, friends, and family. 

We do just that. 

We’re built on making happy pasta for healthy lifestyles. 

greek pasta bowl with tuna and chickpeas and heart pasta

Here at Fun Pasta Fundraising, we have multiple options that fit many people’s diets and needs. 

Not only that but we offer over one hundred different fun shapes so there’s something for everyone to choose from. 

Are you a cat or a dog person? We’ve got cat and dog pasta shapes – and lots of other animals too!

Are you selling pasta to raise money for your sports team? We have pasta for that! 

Fundraising around a holiday? We have Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and more holidays too! 

Along with the shapes, we also have pasta with different health benefits. 

Are you Vegan? Kosher? Watching your carbs? 

We check all of those boxes!

We offer Vegan Mac & Cheese – a best seller!

Our Good Day® Pasta is low-carb, plant-based, and full of fiber and protein. It’s popular in diabetic, vegan, and keto communities. 

We even offer Spelt and Sprouted Pasta – they’re not gluten-free but easier to digest than regular wheat-based pasta.

With so many different options, raising money for your school, non-profit, or group will benefit you in so many ways. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

There are other healthy ways to fundraise. 

Action for Healthy Kids has a lot of great ideas for fundraisers that include promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

kids participating in a color fun run

young kids running in a race

They suggest: 

  • Walk-a-thons
  • Fun Runs
  • Dance-a-thons
  • Hop-a-thons
  • Hosting a sports tournament (dodgeball, volleyball, soccer, bag toss, basketball)


And if you don’t want to sell food but still want to sell an actual tangible product, they suggest these: 

  • Flowers
  • Seed packets
  • School merch
  • School supplies
  • Holiday Gifts


school supplies

With so many different options available to fundraise these days, you can join the healthy trend and trip the fat from your fundraising program. The benefits of healthy fundraising are worth even more than the money. 

Find out more about Fun Pasta Fundraising here