5 Qualities of Successful Fundraising Leaders


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Fundraising is necessary for schools, daycares, non-profits and many other types of organizations. Without it, many programs would be without the money needed to cover their expenses. In the 20 or so years that we’ve been in the fundraising business we’ve learned there are common qualities shared by all successful fundraising leaders. These qualities are the same regardless of the type of organization. The results of any given fundraiser is, at the beginning, directly related to the fundraising group leader.

In order to be successful, fundraising leaders must be…………..

  • Fully invested– If the leader is not 100% committed to the fundraiser, then why should you expect your sellers to fully buy in? Great leaders choose a fundraising product that they are excited about selling.


  • Well connected– A well connected leader is known not just in their organization but also in the community. They are active across social media. They are members of professional and recreational organizations. The more connected a leader is, the more opportunities they have to share the fundraiser and raise more money!


  • Passionate– Great causes inspire passion. Regardless of the type of group, all great fundraising leaders have great passion for their group and invest their passion, creativity and time in making the fundraiser a success to reach a shared goal.


  • Organized– Attention to detail and great data organization is what allows a fundraising leader’s investment, passion and connections to bear fruit. Conversely, lack of organization often results in poor results.


  • Available– Fundraising leaders are often volunteers. Before you volunteer be sure that you have enough time to devote to the fundraiser.

Time invested = $$$ raised.

Are you new to the world of fundraising? Did you volunteer or were you “volunteered”? What challenges have you experienced with fundraising? Comment, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Allison k
    Posted at 00:17h, 13 August Reply

    Good reminders! Thx

    • Stephanie Kinturi
      Posted at 11:59h, 13 August Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Allison!

  • Kristina M.
    Posted at 16:34h, 21 August Reply

    Being organized is extremely important if you want to have a successful and pain-free fundraiser. Our group does several fundraisers throughout the year and you can spot the fundraisers with unorganized chair-people from a mile away!

  • Donna S
    Posted at 11:12h, 22 August Reply

    This is our group’s first event with Fun Pasta and we are all so excited. I am the leader which was a little intimidating at first. I’m used to organizing service projects! Y’all have made everything so easy that my transition has been smooth! Very excited to begin our event!

    • Stephanie Kinturi
      Posted at 18:53h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks for trying Fun Pasta Donna. Glad to hear it has been easy. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you reach your fundraising goals.

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