Calculate the cost of fundraising for Success

Calculate the cost of fundraising for success | No fuzzy math here. We make it easy with a product that practically sells itself.

Across the nation, kids are going back to school. Parents everywhere are shedding great big tears…of JOY! Just kidding! Mostly, we miss our little sweethearts. Going back to school can be a stressful time for both kids and parents. After a summer of late nights, lazy mornings and unstructured fun, the prospect of school for 7 hours/5x a week generally doesn’t fill my kids with excitement. But, as we do every year, in just a few weeks we will adjust to our new normal. We’ve been back to school here for almost a month and just this week, the first fundraising packets came home in their folders. Back to Fundraising? Already? Of course! Our PTO group met over the summer and took a good hard look at the school’s fundraising program. They spent time evaluating potential fundraisers to calculate the cost of fundraising. While this process is not necessary FUN, it is time well spent and is a best practice that will help your group evaluate the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts.

Does your PTO group, ministry or nonprofit want to streamline and simplify your fundraising program this year? Has fuzzy math fundraising made it difficult to raise money and support your group? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I feel your pain. There are many fundraising companies in the market for your business. Choosing the right fundraising company and fundraising product is vital to your group’s ability to reach your financial goals. Part of your decision making process should calculate the cost of fundraising in terms of time, return on investment, volunteer support and potential profits.

According to Tom Suddes of Suddes Group, the ‘Cost of Fundraising’  is not some fuzzy math issue. Again, it’s not how you decide to ‘count’. It’s actually a very easy and simple equation.

R – AE = N³C

Revenue – All Expenses = Net, Net, Net Cash.

Here’s an easy way to calculate the cost of fundraising.

Fundraising Calculator- Calculate the Cost of Fundraising for Success |

Do the math. Calculate the cost of fundraising and choose a program that will ensure success. Here at Fun Pasta Fundraising, we make it simple. There are no up front or hidden costs associated with our fundraising program.  We have a proven product. Our pasta is so good it practically sells itself. Our program is easy to run and requires very little time on your part. We do the heavy lifting for you. Our motto is Have Fun, Eat Pasta, Raise Money! Let us help you reach your fundraising goals.