Spring Fundraisers – A great way to grow your profits

Grow your Profits with Spring Fundraisers. 5 reasons why Spring is a good time to hold a fundraiser for your group.

5 reasons why Spring Fundraisers are a great idea.


While fall remains the most popular time of year to run a fundraising campaign, Spring is a widely under used time of year for fundraising. Here we’re sharing 5 reasons you should take advantage of the season and grow your profits! [Tweet this]


  1. Last chance– Don’t miss one last chance to fundraise before school is out for summer. Many groups break for the summer because the kids are out of school and members are traveling. Take advance and Spring forward to sign up for a fundraiser while you still have access to your sellers.


  1. More money- The buyer’s market has had enough time to recover from the expense of the holidays & Christmas shopping. There is capitol to be raised. All you need do is choose a fundraiser, inform and motivate your sellers, and sell.


  1. Seller’s Time & Attention- In the Spring sellers are more focused because Christmas and Spring Break are over. There are no more breaks in school until summer. Take advantage of this renewed focus and motivate your sellers to sell, sell, sell.


  1. Seasonality of Groups & Spring Fundraising Products – Many outdoor sports are in “season” in the spring: such as baseball, softball, lacrosse and track. There are end of the year events like graduation, prom, and summer trips. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fundraise and cover these “end of the year” expenses. Some fundraising products such as flower bulb fundraising are only offered in the Spring.


  1. Less competition– The majority of fundraisers sign up in the fall so there is considerably less competition with other fundraisers which allows sellers to have a larger reach and more sales. Consider the time of year. What are people buying for? The pre-school market is shopping for Easter. Do the grandparent’s, aunt and uncle’s need graduation gifts?


Have you ever run a Spring Fundraiser? Have you experienced seasonal fundraising challenges? Please share your comments. We’d love to hear from you.