spring letters and flowers

Spring Fundraisers | A Great Way to Grow Your Profits

While fall remains the most popular time of year to run a fundraising campaign, Spring is not taken advantage of as a time of year for fundraising. We are here to change that view and have decided to share why you should take advantage of the season and grow your profits at the same time all the flowers grow too!

spring letters and flowers


5 Reasons Why Spring Fundraisers Are a Great Idea



  1. It’s Your Last Chance – Don’t miss one last chance to fundraise before school is out for the summer. Many groups break for the summer because kids are out of school and members are traveling. Sign up for a spring fundraiser while you still have access to your sellers.


There’s always a sense of urgency when school returns for the fall to hurry and raise money for groups, teams, and organizations. The spring is a perfect time to jump ahead and make the transition into a new school year an easier one. 


2. More Money – With the holidays behind us for now, the buyer’s market has had enough time to recover from all the holiday and Christmas shopping. It may be easier to raise funds without all the other expenses that your supporters and sellers have to worry about during the busiest shopping season of the year. 


3. Seller’s Time and Attention – In the spring, sellers are able to become more focused on fundraising efforts since Christmas and Spring Break are over. There are no more breaks in school until the summer. Take advantage of this renewed focus and motivate your sellers to sell, sell, sell. 


4. Seasonality of Groups & Spring Fundraising Products – Many outdoor sports are in “season” in the spring such as baseball, softball, lacrosse, and track. There are end-of-the-year events like graduation, prom, and summer trips. And we can’t forget the holidays like Mother’s Day, Easter, and Passover. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fundraise and cover these “end-of-the-year” expenses. There are some fundraising products – like flower bulb fundraising – that are only available a few months out of the year and that is always in the spring. 


5. Less Competition – The majority of fundraisers sign up in the fall so there is considerably less competition with other fundraisers which allows sellers to have a larger reach and more sales. 

Consider the time and month of the year. What are people buying for? The pre-school market and church groups are shopping for Easter. Do the grandparents, aunts, and uncles needs graduation gifts?


Spring Fundraising Ideas 


Now that you know why Spring Fundraisers can be beneficial, here are some fundraising event ideas to make your campaign easy and fun! 

Spring is such a great time to be outdoors. Depending on where you live, you were most likely cooped up most of the winter just trying to stay warm and desperately missing the sunshine. 

Spring brings back the warmth, the sun, and outdoor activities. Here are the best Spring Fundraising Ideas:


Fun Pasta Fundraising 


fun pasta fundraising logo with confetti and kids


Kids go crazy for our uniquely shaped pasta bags and for good reason! We offer so many different shapes that there’s always something for everyone to get excited about. It’s super easy to get started and because you can run one of our fundraisers almost completely off your phone, the parents will love it just as much as the kids. 

So, how does it work exactly?

  1. Leaders will sign up on our website to get started – there are no upfront costs or minimum orders. 
  2. After setting up their group page, they’ll invite sellers to help them along their journey. 
  3. Sellers and leaders can share their fundraiser through email, text, and social media straight from the app. 
  4. All orders are placed online and through the app so you never have any forms or envelopes to keep track of. 
  5. Supporters get their pasta shipped directly to their homes! 
  6. Once your fundraiser is over, you close it on the site and your check will make its way to you in two weeks.

Sign up for a fundraiser here


Easter Egg Hunt


easter eggs hiding in a pot of yellow flowers

Perfect for the spring season, host an Easter Egg Hunt! Kids of all ages love this friendly competition event. Charge your participants a fee to compete in the Easter Egg Hunt and be sure to think of a fun and secret prize inside a few of the eggs!


Garage Sale


red sale balloons

It’s time to do some spring cleaning! Gather a group of sellers and participants and come together to have a garage sale. 

Instead of just throwing out the items you want to get rid of during your spring cleaning, put it all together in a “garage sale” and have the profits go towards your group or organization!


Have you ever run a spring fundraiser? Have you experienced seasonal fundraising challenges? Please share your comments! We’d love to hear from you.