Fundraiser Kickoff Events Increase Sales

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Is your group gearing up for fall fundraising? Don’t underestimate the importance of having a well-planned and executed fundraiser kickoff. Great kickoff events generate excitement, set the stage for your event and help you increase sales and profits. Here are some fundraiser kickoff tips that will help your group succeed.

Fundraiser Kickoff Tips

Step One: Communicate

Clearly communicate your fundraising objective, the timeline of the fundraiser including important milestone dates, the fundraiser goal and the incentives or prize structure. If your sellers understand your goals they will feel more connected to the outcome.

Step Two: Educate & Motivate

Remember “Show and Tell”? Show off samples of the fundraising products. Display the product in an eye-catching way. Teach your sellers to sell. Discuss different talking points and selling strategies. Provide all your sellers with the fundraising catalog and order forms.

Fundraiser kickoff display idea |

One of our school groups used their front office window cabinet as a way to display pasta samples for their fundraiser kickoff event. This is eye-catching and informative. Keeping the product on display for the life of your fundraiser ensures that it will keep your seller’s attention and energy.

Step Three: Organize

Make sure all of your sellers understand the order and payment collection process. Show them the order form and how to fill it out. Discuss how checks are to be made out and whether sales tax should be included.Be sure to remind your sellers when orders and payments are to be turned in.

Step Four: Empower & Excite

Be sure to emphasize your fundraising goal in your kickoff event with a lot of excitement. Need some ideas? Check out this post and see what some of our fundraising groups are doing!

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