5 Fun Fundraiser Kickoff Events

5 Fundraiser Kickoff Events that will help your group score| FunPastaFundraising.com

Don’t underestimate the importance of a  fundraiser kick off event for your group. Not only does it generate excitement within your sales team, it also sets the stage for your future fundraising endeavors. While fundraisers and kickoff events will be unique to your particular group or organization, the need to raise capital is not. Special events are a great way to focus attention and highlight your fundraising campaign. Great kick off events will increase sales in your campaign and are well worth the extra effort.

When should you host your kickoff event?  Just like all campaigns, at the beginning!

Successful fundraiser kickoff events require time and planning just like all fundraising campaigns. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to plan before your desired event date. Generally speaking, your kickoff event should be the start of your fundraiser and is the ideal time to distribute the sales brochure.  

What are the key features of  fundraiser kickoff events?

Fundraising events provide a way to……

  • Display the fundraising product- A great product will sell itself. Consider offering free samples to the sellers. Be creative in creating your display. 
  • Explain the details for the fundraiser. Mention important deadlines and dates.
  • Educate/teach your sellers how to sell. Share selling strategies with your sellers.
  • Display and present the prizes- discuss incentives.

Kickoff Event Ideas

Here are 5 fun fundraising kickoff events that our groups have used with great results.

Pasta Fairy for the Elementary school Fundraiser Kickoff event.

1)      Have a theme. – Bangert Elementary used a “Pasta fairy”. She had a wings and a wand and would visit the school throughout the fundraiser to remind sellers to sell. What about a Mario Brother’s pasta theme to appeal to boys? “May the Pasta be with you????”  The key here is to be creative and have your finger on the pulse of your sellers. What engages them and holds their attention?

2)     Host a game show. – Some fundraising companies provide a product trivia sheet. A game show is a fun way to share information about the product by asking questions while still holding seller’s attention.

3)     Have your own “tailgate” party. – Have a competition. Which team is the best team? Who wins? Everybody wins when you reach your fundraising goals.

4)     Hold an “Eat the Pasta” contest. – Never underestimate the power of food. When your sales team reaches the fundraising goal, the principal and the student’s favorite teacher will have a contest to see who can eat the most pasta with their hands tied behind their backs.

5)     Write your own pasta “commercial”. – Do you have a performing arts group at your school? Have your student’s write their own commercials to introduce the product and generate excitement. You could also do this with “jingle writing” for those that are musically inclined. Here’s a commercial performed by the Columbus Children’s Choir.

Fundraiser kickoff events are a great way to engage, motivate and excite your sellers. Motivated sellers will reach your fundraising goals. A little more effort on the front end pays off in the long run. What kickoff event ideas have you used in your fundraisers? Comment and let us know. Share this post on twitter and mention us @FunPasta_FR #fundraising#kickoffevents.