Fund-Crushing- Why guilt Never Pays

Fund-crushing Guilt Never Pays in Fundraising. Avoid using guilt to coax donors to give. We can help.

In his blog, Jeff Brooks defines “Fund-crushing” as the evil cousin of fundraising. In a nutshell, fund-crushing is the opposite of fundraising. Its primary motivational vehicle is guilt. In its message, it focuses on the enormity of the problem and tries to scold or coax people into giving. 

In contrast, fundraising shares a cause or informs of a need. Its primary motivational vehicle is positive. Its message focuses on the results a donor or consumer can expect to receive when they give. The overall result is HOPE!

STEP 1 Whether your fundraising campaign is for a cause like cancer research or a physical need like new playground equipment for the local elementary school, sharing your message is step 1 in the process. Not sure about your message or story? Crafting a compelling fundraising story is vital to the success of your campaign. 

STEP 2 is motivating and compelling your audience to take action whether that means buying a bag of pasta or signing up to run a 5k race. The best way to motivate your audience is to get them to connect with your goals. Show them how their donation or purchase will benefit them and in connection, your organization. Your supporters want to feel good about their choice to give to your cause or organization.

STEP 3 Convert consumers or donors to “cause ambassadors” by focusing on what they as a collective group can and will achieve. Every purchase,  every donation and even their time is valuable and adds to the group effort. 

Do not become frustrated that you are unable to get everyone on board or every seller to participate. Be realistic. Create a culture of invitation by inviting people to help you change the world. By focusing on the story not the statistics, you will supercharge your fundraiser and affect HOPE in the world. Hope for a brighter future is the answer to fund-crushing. 

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