Crafting a Compelling Fundraising Story

Whats Your Fundraising Story|Fun Pasta Fundraising

A compelling fundraising story is vital to the success of your fundraising campaign. We as human beings are story-tellers. Great story-telling is the precursor to great marketing. We want to connect to the story behind the fundraiser. It’s the story that captures our attention.

In an age where people are bombarded with digital media messages nearly every waking hour, many messages get lost. The attention span of an average adult is just 8 seconds.

Seriously, 8 seconds!!!!

That’s not much time to share your message. Don’t let your message wind up in the trash pile. Make sure your message is seen and heard by crafting a compelling fundraising story.


Here are 4 key elements your fundraising story should include.

  • Be Genuine. Clearly state your fundraising needs. Make your goals known. Tell consumer’s exactly how your fundraiser works and how they can get involved. Share how their support will make a difference.
  • Be Up Front. Describe your group. Explain your involvement with the group. Make sure the tone and voice of your message reflect your group’s mission. Don’t be afraid to ask for support.
  • Be Timely. Connect to your audiences’ interests. Understand when and where your audience will be the most receptive to receive your message.
  • Be Creative. Use an image of your group and words to craft a compelling story that clearly states your message.


Did you know that our brains process an image 60,000 times faster than we process text? A picture is worth a thousand words. [TWEET THIS]

Remember, you are the only one who can tell your story. By writing your story and sharing it you become connected to your audience which allows your story to become bigger than yourself- a living growing thing. Once your audience is connected with your story, you have brand-ambassadors who will continue to share your story which increases your reach and the success of your fundraiser.

Crafting a compelling fundraising story is time well spent. Don’t waste your eight seconds!

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