5 reasons why Spring Fundraisers are a great way to grow profits for your non profit group or organization. Take advantage and Spring Forward with Fun Pasta.

  Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pasta? Who is the FACE of fun pasta and the co-founder of The Pasta Shoppe? Meet Carey Aron!!! My job title is… VP of a long list of things! I have been with The Pasta Shoppe…

With every group, there is a story. Our featured group is a nonprofit, MOST Ministries. Here is our interview with group leader, Becky Haltaufderheid.

There are some common misconceptions about fundraising that have influenced fundraising practices over the years. Read on to get the facts for these 5 fundraising myths and learn how to avoid making costly mistakes.

One of our favorite things at Fun Pasta Fundraising is helping groups to achieve their fundraising goals. What we’ve learned is that with every group, there is a story behind the fundraiser.

For fundraising programs, “Specificity” only helps, never hurts the overall effort. Be specific as possible when setting your fundraising goals. This is the best fundraising advice and a great starting point.