Despite a difficult economy where non-profits are competing for your $, Back to school fundraising need not be drudgery. Follow these tips and succeed.

Mac n’ Cheese is a versatile food. It can be served as a side dish but also alone as a main dish. Here are some ways to customize our Mac n’ Cheese meal.

Are your letters lining the waste bins and finding the trash folder without even being read? Getting your message heard begins with your fundraising letter.

With every group, there is a story behind the fundraiser. It’s the story and the people that we love most. Our featured fundraising group is Landing Place Church Kids.

A compelling fundraising story is vital to the success of your fundraising campaign. Here are 4 key elements your fundraising story should include.

Our favorite thing at Fun Pasta Fundraising is helping groups to achieve their fundraising goals. We’ve learned there is a story behind the fundraiser.