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Zenit Gymnastics Booster Club featured Fundraising Group | funpastafundraising.com Learn the secret to fundraising success in their own words. Leader interview on the blog!


Happy New Year! Have you made your resolutions? I have and so far (we’re only 6 days in) I’ve kept them ;-).  I couldn’t be more excited about all that 2016 has in store. And there is more in store. More blogs, more great fundraising ideas, and more wonderful pasta fundraising products for you. There’s no more fitting way to kick off the year than by sharing a success story from one of our fundraising groups. The Zenit Gymnastics Booster Club ran a fundraiser with us in the Fall of 2015 and was also one of the $250 winners of our Fall Sweepstakes. We interviewed Heather Cox, the club’s fundraising leader. Here are the secrets to their group’s fundraising success. Lots of helpful information ahead that your group can use.

Tell us about your group? How many members? How long have you been together?

We have 50-60 children aged 5-15 who are on competitive gymnastics teams. The girls compete in local, regional and state meets each season.

How long have you worked with Fun Pasta Fundraising?

This was our first time working with your company. I first heard about you in another fundraiser that was done in another state. I thought it was so unique so I introduced it to the board where it was well received. We’ve participated in other fundraisers before selling popcorn and bags but never pasta. I’m so glad we chose Fun Pasta! We plan to use you again in the future.

What were you raising funds for?  What was your fundraising goal?

We incur costs for meet fees, coach’s fees plus uniforms and travel expenses. The money raised would offset the total cost. Our next big meet is in January 2016 so this really helps.

How did you advertise and market your fundraiser?

I introduced the fundraiser to the board and showed off the sample products. I did a lot of creative posting on social media and included product images to keep people excited and informed.

What do you attribute to the success of this fundraiser? Were there any challenges?

This was a great fundraiser. One thing that I think increased our sales was the opportunity to sell both online and via the brochure. The online option is very convenient and allowed us to sell to out of town friends and family. I loved how easy it was to navigate the website and the leader dashboard. Your website made it easy for me to share information about our fundraiser across social media and via email.

We really didn’t experience any challenges outside of participation. The product was fun and easy to sell. The process flowed smoothly. Even distribution of almost over $3100 of pasta was simple. I loved how every box was numbered. It was easy.

Is there some advice or a tip you could share with our group leaders?

Once you have chosen a fundraiser, you need to spend some time promoting it to generate excitement within your sales team, with the parents, and to get the word out. Give them ideas on how to sell the fundraising product. Make sure that you have samples of the product available when you are kicking off your fundraiser. We made it an incentive that the top seller would receive the pasta samples as a prize.

Special thanks to Zenit Gymnastics Booster Club and to Heather Cox for taking the time to share their fundraising success story with us. Do you have a fundraising success story? Leave a comment here. We just might feature your group on the blog.

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