What you SHOULD know about product fundraisers

What you SHOULD know about product fundraisers| funpastafundraising.com

If you are following this blog, then you know we are passionate about two things: Pasta and helping schools, non-profits and groups of all types reach their fundraising goals through the sales of our products. As a group leader the weight of responsibility for fundraising can be heavy. Under the pressure of increased monetary need to cover expenses, it’s easy for leaders to second guess their decisions. Did you choose the right product fundraising company? Are you running your fundraiser at the best time of year? Will you meet sales goals? Today, we are sharing some of our leader’s most common questions. Read on to find out if you know what you SHOULD know about product fundraisers.

Question: Do certain product fundraisers work for big organizations and are others better suited for smaller organizations?

Answer: No, not necessarily. If done well, the most popular kinds of fundraisers will work with any group. 9 times out of 10, size of the group doesn’t matter. It comes down to the sellers and the volunteers running the fundraising campaign.  From most organizations perspective, whether they are large or small, they first off, need to get parents and volunteers lined up for the fundraiser long before they start.

Question: Is there a best time of the year to run a  product fundraising campaign?

Answer: While there’s no single best time of year to run your fundraising campaigns, there are several factors that will impact what works best for your group.  Consider your group’s calendar. What events are going on with your organization that could impact the success of your fundraiser? Consider your area? Are there other schools or groups running fundraisers at the same time? While Fall is our busiest season, it may make sense for your group to run a Spring Fundraiser after the holidays to avoid competing with other groups and to raise money for Summer travel and competition fees. Another factor to consider is the fundraising product itself. For example, flower bulb fundraisers are generally not offered in the Fall.

Question: What are the best prizes or incentives that will get our sellers excited and keep them motivated?

Answer:  The term “Prize” can be interpreted broadly. Consider the age of your sellers. What motivates elementary aged children may not motivate tweens and teens. We’ve found that regardless of the type or size of the group, groups that offer a prize program or incentives sell twice as much as the groups who do not. Some groups are not permitted to give out prizes however all types of rewards work. Be creative and make it fun! Perhaps the teacher’s will take a “Pie-in-the-face” or the School Principal will agree to be duct taped to the wall as important sales goals are reached. This type of incentive creates excitement, fun and builds a team work with your sellers.

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