Stuff Your Stocking with Pasta Gifts of Good Taste

Holiday Pasta Gifts Sets are the gift of good taste. |

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Holiday shoppers fall into two camps. There are those that like to plan ahead and are done shopping well before the BLACK Friday dust has settled and then there are the last minute shoppers who a frantically picking through the stores on Christmas Eve. Regardless of which kind of shopper you are, we think our Holiday pasta gift sets are a yummy way to show someone special that you care.  Stuff your stockings this holiday season with pasta gifts that taste great. Holiday entertaining has never been this fun. The entire family will love our seasonal favorites. From our fun Holiday themed Pasta with Personality® to our delicious Chicken Noodle soup mixes, there pasta gifts for everyone on your list!

Our gift box pictured above includes our Snowman Pasta, Christmas Tree Pasta, a Reindeer Noodle Soup and a Wintertime Chili. This amounts to 4 delicious meals that will arrive packaged and ready to ship. All you need to do is put a bow on our gift box. Shopping for someone with a sweet tooth? What about our Divine Meringues? They are the perfect little guilt free holiday bite. Just 7 calories each! Our Reindeer Noodle Soup and Cheddar Cheese Crackers make an easy gift for neighbors and friends. People come back year after year to stock up on our Wintertime Chili. The gift set pairs it with Cheddar Pesto Cheese crackers and makes an attractive gift under the tree.

Give back and support a person or group you love this holiday season and check some items off of your Christmas shopping list at the same time. You will feel great knowing your pasta purchase helped a non-profit reach their fundraising goals and your pasta gifts will be a delight to whomever receive them.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Fun Pasta Fundraising!