Promote Your Fundraiser Online Using Social Media


This month we’re sharing a series of posts discussing some specific ways you can  harness the power of the internet  to promote your fundraiser online. Using social media to share your online link will help your group maximize your fundraising efforts and reach your fundraising goals. In our last post, we talked about the role of Social Media as it relates to Fundraising. Today we’re sharing some specific ways to use social media to spread the word.

Tell your story. Share your cause. Reach your audience.

 Facebook  – SHARE, SHARE, SHARE – post pictures too! Pictures drive more engagement than text alone.

In an average peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, 15-18% of donations are referred directly from Facebook.

Due to Facebook’s new algorithms, there is a limitation as to how many of your followers see what you’ve posted. So post frequently and at different times of day. Try posting a variety of content types with pictures, links back to the fundraising company’s web site. Ask the company you are working with for pictures– or take some of your own. Post updates on your group’s progress to reaching your fundraising goals. Post multiple times during your selling period.

Twitter – Have kids and parents tweet about their favorite products or tweet about their sales status for some friendly competition. Use a common hashtags e.g. #funpastafundraiser to gain popularity in what’s trending on twitter.

Using Twitter during fundraising events can result in as much as ten times more money raised online. Don’t be shy about asking for retweets either. 28% of the retweets on twitter are due to the inclusion of “please retweet”.  [Tweet this]

YouTube– Do you have a YouTube channel? Have your class create a video sharing how they will benefit from your fundraising efforts.  If you don’t have time to YouTube you can create an Instagram video or use Vine for a quick 90 second video. If you are not sure how to do this – ask the kids!  They know and they’ll be happy to show you what they know!

Use multiple creative communication methods across a variety of social media channels and reach more people for your next fundraiser. The larger your audience, the greater your opportunities for sales. How have you used social media to promote your fundraiser? Have you experienced any challenges with social media? Share your questions and we’ll address in Part 3 of this series.