Pasta Personalities: Meet Erica Cabrera

Erica Cabrera, Supervisor The Pasta Shoppe

Ever wonder about the people behind our delicious pastas? Here is #7 in our People Behind the Pasta series. Meet Erica Cabrera, Floor Supervisor

My job title is…

I work closely with our Latino workforce for quality control, production speed etc. I’ve been with The Pasta Shoppe since 2001. I started on the Production floor, packaging pasta and have been promoted over the years.

Why Pasta?

I came to The Pasta Shoppe on the recommendation from a friend who was working there.

When I’m not at the Pasta Shoppe…

I’m watching movies. I love romantic movies but I also like suspense and scary movies.

A person who has influenced me is…

My abuela (grandmother) “Mo”.

In ten years I see myself…

As a small business owner.

My favorite sport is…

Soccer. In the World Cup, I cheer for Mexico!

My favorite food is…

Spaghetti and meatballs. You’d think I’d be tired of pasta but no, I still love it.

Pet or pet peeve?

I have a sweet little dog named, Molly.

Favorite vacation spot?

The BEACH! I like the beaches of South Florida.

Only child/how many siblings?

I’m the youngest of three. I have 2 older brothers.

If I won the lottery I’d


I’m originally from…

Cuernavaca, Mexico.

My guilty pleasure is


Working at FUN Pasta Fundraising I’ve learned

About the importance of teamwork, about relationships and how to be an effective leader. I have learned alot of business skills that I hope to someday use to run a business of my own.