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One of our favorite things at Fun Pasta Fundraising is helping groups to achieve their fundraising goals.  We’ve learned is that with every group, there is a story behind the fundraiser.  It’s the story and the people that we love.  It keeps us using our noodles to continuously raise the Fundraising bar to improve our fundraising products and the process. This month our featured group is a non-profit, MOST Ministries.  Here is our inspiring interview with group leader, Becky Haltaufderheid.

Tell us about your group? How many members? How long have you been together?

I had an opportunity to go on a short term 8 day mission trip to El Salvador in October 2014 through MOST Ministries (Mission Opportunities Short Term). The purpose of the mission trip was to teach English as a second language at Resurrection Lutheran School in San Salvador. About 100 children attend school there from

How long have you worked with Fun Pasta Fundraising?

This was my 1st time working with Fun Pasta Fundraising. I first learned about your company after purchasing some of your pasta from a child who was selling it for her People to People group. It had been in my pantry and when my trip came up, I thought, “What a fun way to raise money!” So I gave it a try and it was very successful.

What were you raising funds for?  What was your fundraising goal?

I was raising money to cover the costs associated with airfare, housing, food, transportation of my trip. The Fun Pasta really sold well. So well, that not only was I able to cover all of my expenses but I was also able to donate additional money since I exceeded my goal. The money was used to purchase dishes, silverware and a stove for the school.

Most Ministries El Salvador Trip 2

How did you advertise and market your fundraiser?

I did advertise the fundraising using social media and email however I found word of mouth to be the most successful. Every time I had the opportunity I would share information about my trip and let people know why I was selling Fun Pasta. I purchased the pasta and displayed it at my church picnic. A lot of people from the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League purchased the pasta.

Playing with Parachute El Savador Trip

What do you attribute to the success of your fundraisers?

The ease of online ordering. I didn’t do any catalog sales. I approached people that I knew, told them about my mission trip and asked for their support. I showed them the fun pasta options and shared some fun recipes and ideas for how they could use the pasta. I sold over $3200 and was able to raise over $1300 just from this fundraiser. Your products are so unique and fun. It was easy to sell.

Tell us why you are such a passionate supporter of MOST Ministries and of this fundraiser?

This was my first mission trip. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We did so many awesome things in El Salvador. For me, it was so fulfilling. I felt great teaching the children and I was blessed by the experience. Most Ministries was great. They had everything organized for me. They provided transportation to and from the school for us. We had a dedicated driver and our meals were provided.

It was such a blessing to be able to help these children in a tangible way. It was unreal the way that they lived.

Is there something our readers would be surprised to know about your group?

In San Salvador the average monthly income is $250! The children at the school didn’t have anything to play with. Before this trip they did not have a stove or dishes at the school so the meals they provided to the children had to be prepared offsite and then were served on paper plates with plastic utensils. I am so happy that we were able to purchase reusable dishes and a stove for the school.

Most Ministries El Salvador Trip

If you could tell another leader to do one thing to help their fundraising efforts, what would it be?

I would tell them not to be afraid to ask. I think word of mouth is important because people are more likely to respond when they are getting information directly from the source. When I approached people and told them why I was selling fun pasta, they were quick to purchase and many donated money over and above what they owed!!!

Special thanks to Becky Haltaufderheid for sharing her inspiring photos and fundraising success story with us. For more information about your next Fundraiser, click here.