Halloween Pasta- Always a Treat!

Halloween Pasta- Seasonal shapes are a best selling fundraising product.. | funpastafundraising.com

Start the countdown! Only 4 more days until Halloween!!!  Have your children picked out their costumes? If yours are like mine, not only have they picked them out, they have changed their minds A. L. O. T. My 7-year-old cast the deciding vote and this year our family will be Trick or Treating while wearing boxes on our heads as MINECRAFT characters!!!! Shout out to STEVE, Endermen, and the Creepers. Whether your children will be costumed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen or as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it is important to fill their bellies with something other than CANDY on Halloween. Our seasonal Halloween Pasta and Black Cat Pasta are delicious and a fun way to TREAT your children to a healthy meal before sending them out for spooktacular Halloween night fun! It takes no time to make, can be served to “goblins” of all ages, and the cute pumpkin, spider, ghost, and cat shapes are FUN!

Pictured here is our Pepperoni Pizza Halloween Pasta recipe from our recipe blog, WorldofPastabilities.  One bite and you’ll agree…this recipe is a keeper. To view and print a copy of this recipe and other tasty treats featuring our fundraising products in use, click here! 

Halloween Pasta Recipe | funpastafundraising.com

Sending your children door to door can be scary for parents, not just on Halloween, but every day. Is your school participating in a product fundraiser this FALL? Don’t let your concerns regarding safety limit your little goblins’ sales opportunities. We offer brochures AND online sales. Share the link to your fundraiser and sell Fun Pasta from the comfort and safety of your own home. Just a few clicks from your computer, iPad or smartphone is all it takes to share the link with friends, family, and co-workers. Best of all, you are not limited to just local sales opportunities. We ship all over the continental US, so even Aunt Bessie in Yuma, AZ can have her pasta and eat it too. Now that’s not tricky, it’s a TREAT!!!