Fundraising Fears| 5 strategies to face your Fears

Fear crossed out on chalkboard

“Fundraising makes me break out in hives. I abhor asking people for money. ”

Are you intimidated by Fundraising? Is this you? If you’re shaking your head YES right now, then you are part of the majority. No judgment here. We understand. Fundraising is not for the faint hearted. It involves facing all kinds of fears. You must overcome your fear of rejection, possess humility to ask others for money, and most importantly, have the confidence that only comes with a strong belief in your cause. Successful fundraising is about setting goals and opening up communication lines.

Here are 5 strategies for conquering your fundraising fears.

  1. Be positive, sincere and passionate about your cause. It’s a matter of perspective. Change your approach to one of being a “cause ambassador”. You are passionately informing your constituents of their opportunity to meet a need.


  1. Clearly communicate your purpose and goal. Express in detail to supporters how the capital raised will benefit your organization. Tell them how their money will be used.


  1. Ask for support. It’s ok to tell donors about your goal. Being specific has been shown to increase sales. Telling a supporter what your goal is and how much is needed to reach that goal connects them and gets them invested. For example:  Little Becca is going door to door in the neighborhood selling FUN Pasta. She shares the product brochure, talks about the new playground at the school, states that if she sells “X” amount of pasta, she gets to be “Principal for a day”, and then asks, “Would you consider purchasing “X” to help me reach my goal?”


  1. Be confident. It’s simple but true! This strategy piggybacks strategy #1. If you believe in your cause and have the proper perspective you CAN be confident.


  1. Smile and say Thank You. Say thank you for every opportunity you are given to share your cause and goals. Instead of viewing “NO” as a rejection, view it as a “seed planted” for the future.


Fundraising is not something to be feared. Get organized, embrace the process, focus on your goal, and have some fun!