Fundraising Resources at your fingertips!!!

fundraising company shares ideas

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A fundraising group’s number one resource is…the fundraising company you are working with! Use your fundraising company’s customer service folks as consultants. They are your partners in your fundraising effort. Your fundraising efforts should begin with the fundraising company itself.

How can your fundraising company help you to make the most of your fundraiser?

1) First review their website for tips and ideas. A fundraising website should be a useful resource center. From videos to blogs to forums, you should be able to learn from their experience! Your fundraising company’s ideas, perspectives and energy can be invaluable for your next fundraiser.

2) Talk to the customer service people and ask for new ideas and approaches that other groups like yours have found to be useful and successful. Utilize their experience and ask for help – they are there to help you!

3) Ask lots of questions – your fundraising company is full of good information about their fundraising products and your potential profits. Ask, ask, ask….and you’ll uncover some good ideas!

How does Fun Pasta Fundraising help our customers?

We guide you through all the phases of a fundraiser which helps strengthen your ability to reach your fundraising goals. From the initial request for information, signing up, creating your group’s online link, ideas for setting up your fundraising product display for your kickoff event, developing an incentive program to motivate your sellers, through sales, entering orders, distribution of the fundraising program to the final receipt of the fundraising profit!

• We’re using our noodles to create helpful blog posts sharing new and innovative fundraising tips and ideas.
• Leader Resources in your dashboard is loaded with helpful hints and a step by step fundraising checklist.

Why work with us?

We are experienced. We have worked with thousands of groups of all types from school PTO/PTA fundraisers to band and cheerleading fundraisers to the smallest church youth group fundraiser and have learned many things along the way.  We want you to succeed! So don’t hesitate to reach out.