Fallsmead Elementary PTA Fundraiser Fun Pasta

One of our favorite things at Fun Pasta Fundraising is helping groups to achieve their fundraising goals.  We’ve learned with every group, there is a story behind the fundraiser. It’s the story and the people we love. It keeps us using our noodles to continuously raise the Fundraising bar to improve our fundraising products and the process. Elementary School PTA Fundraiser’s have a special place in our hearts. We love the kids.  For this month’s featured group, we interviewed group leader, Amy Sauer from the PTA at Fallsmead Elementary School.

Fallsmead Elementary School Playground

Tell us about your group? How many kids? How long have you been together?

Fallsmead Elementary is Kindergarten through 5th grade. We have approximately 550 or so children. Our vision: Fallsmead Elementary School will be a safe and respectful learning community where students, teachers, and parents challenge and inspired each other to do their very best in all areas.

What are their goals for the year?   How long have you worked with FPF?

We didn’t have a specific goal in mind. It varies every school year based on need. We normally meet with the Principal to discuss needs/wants at the beginning of the school year.  This was my first time working with Fun Pasta Fundraising. I was so pleased. I love it. I normally run the Spirit Wear Campaign for the PTA. I was excited to be involved and support this fundraiser.

What were you raising funds for?  What was your fundraising goal?

We do most of the fundraising for a big year end gift. For example, last year we bought laptops for the classrooms. This year’s fundraiser was for new playground equipment.

How did you advertise and market your fundraiser?

I did everything you (Fun Pasta Fundraising) guys told me to 🙂 I linked to the web site. We did videos at the school. I actually had sales before the fundraiser started because people got on the website before the flyers were received!

We did more hands on marketing for our fundraiser. People liked to be able to actually see the product. We sold more in brochure sales versus online sales.

What was the best fundraising tip or advice you received as a leader?

I loved the web site. Anytime I had a question I went right to the website and nearly every time I was able to find the answer there. The few questions that I couldn’t answer from the website, I communicated with the fundraising group and they helped. The web site is very user friendly.

What was the greatest challenge you faced as a leader? How did you overcome it?

There were only two of us. Having not done this type of PTA fundraiser before, I didn’t have an expectation or know what kind of support it required. Next year, I’ll know going in that I need a team of about 10 people. The challenges had nothing to do with Fun Pasta Fundraising; I just didn’t know how much help I would need.

Tell us why you are such a passionate supporter of you group?

Because the money goes right back to the kids. Some of our families cannot afford things and the fundraisers allow us to be able to help them. I liked getting everyone pumped up about the PTA fundraiser. It’s fun to generate excitement for the school.

Of all the products in our catalog, which did your group sell the most? What were they the most excited about?

Vineyard Pasta Salad from Fun Pasta Fundraising. Great for your PTA Fundraiser.

The most popular item was the Collegiate Pasta. My personal favorite is the Vineyard Pasta Salad and I also love the Chicken Noodle Soup.

Chicken Noodle 2

If you could tell another leader to do one thing to help their fundraising efforts, what would it be?

Get the kids involved. When the kids get excited, they tell their parents. I set a low goal for each child but I had some people selling $250. Now that’s a lot of pasta. This is a great Fall Fundraiser because people purchased it for Hanukkah and Christmas.

How does one interview for a fundraising leader position?

[Laughing] We didn’t interview. .   . We go out and find people and then pressure them into helping us…[lol] No really, we just appeal to parents. They help us and end up liking it. That’s how I got involved. I started as the PTA treasurer and my role as a volunteer has grown from there.

Special thanks to Amy for the interview and to Fallsmead Elementary School for the images.  We look forward to working with you again in the future. For more information about your next Fundraiser, click here.