Choose a Winning Fundraising Product for your TEAM

Roll Tide Collegiate Pasta Salad is a winning fundraising product for your next fundraiser. |

The Ultimate Roll Tide Pasta Salad features “A” and “Elephant” pasta shapes that will have Alabama fans cheering at your next tailgate.

Are you looking for a winning fundraising product to support your team? Are your sellers interested in trying something new? 

Look no further. When you team up with fun pasta  and sell our collegiate pasta salads, your fundraising program wins. Sports fans love our selection of more than 50 officially-licensed team pasta salads! Your favorite team’s mascot, colors and logo are celebrated in shaped pasta, and the included Game Day vinaigrette seasoning mix is the extra point conversion. Game day collegiate pasta salads are the special teams of our fundraising lineup. Group members will score bonus points with sports fans far and wide. The #ncaanoodles pasta are some of our top selling products. 

Your team will CHOMP, CHOMP to sell our collegiate pasta fundraising products. Everybody wins with Fun Pasta. |

The Ultimate Gators Pastsa Salad. Your sellers will chomp, chomp at the bit to sell our fun collegiate pasta. It literally sells itself.

Unique, shapes, vibrant team colors and that delicious al denté bite will leave you with a mouth full of goodness. Not just 1 but 3 additional “crowd pleasing” recipes are included on the inside label of each Pasta salad. Serve them at your next tailgate or your next fantasy football party and win more than just the big game. 


The key to building a winning fundraising program for your school or organization is to choose a fundraising product that:



1) Is unique

2) Is desirable

3) Is a good value for the price


Our Collegiate pasta salads are a fundraising product that combines all these and much, much more. 


     Ahhh- and the crowd goes wild!!!


To request more information on your next Fundraiser, click here! Browse out our other Collegiate Pastas here. What’s your favorite product from our fundraising roster? Comment, we’d love to hear more from you!!!