Avoid Fundraising Fatigue- Work Smarter, not Harder

Avoid Fundraising Fatigue. Work smarter not harder. Be strategic by following these tips. |blog.funpastafundraising.com

Do less, Make More. Improve Results.

Running too many fundraisers is the number one cause of declining profits, low participation, burnout and volunteer fundraising fatigue. [Click to Tweet] For schools running multiple fundraisers a year (and even some at the same time) is necessary for the survival of the group. Or is it? With each successive fundraiser more and more of your audience tunes out contributing to lower results and on and on in a downward cycle.

So how do you get off the cycle and back on track?

It is vitally important that you are strategic with your fundraising efforts. This requires planning, budgeting and coordination. Here’s some handy tips that will help you to avoid the “more is more” mentality that leads to over-fundraising and fundraising fatigue.

  • Make sure all your members know and understand why your group is raising money. Are you funding a special project or just raising funds for the sake of raising funds? Don’t just ask for the money without a specific need? Supporters are more likely to purchase your fundraising product if they have a clear understanding of your reason for fundraising.


  • Discuss effort vs. results when choosing a fundraiser. Some programs are easier to manage than others. Know up front how much time will be required. If the benefits don’t justify the rewards then find another program. Limited on time and volunteers? Perhaps an online only fundraiser will work best for your group.


  • Think about your “customers” before choosing a fundraiser. The success of a product driven fundraiser depends on the support of your constituents. Consider the economy and what other types of fundraisers are being offered in the community. Offer something that is a good fit within these factors.


  • Avoid contributing to fundraising fatigue by overtaxing your volunteers. Are you constantly asking for help or money? Are your message being heard or tuned out?


More is not necessarily more in the world of fundraising. Your time and energy should be spent in efforts that yield the biggest benefit for your group. Avoid fundraising fatigue. Less truly can be more if you work smarter not harder.