Achieve Fundraising Success-Equip your Sales Team


Selling oodles of noodles is as easy as childplay if you properly equip your sellers | 4 Easy tips to fundraising success |

Don’t make a mess of your fundraising campaign. Train your sellers to sell and watch your sales and profits grow! One of the biggest challenges fundraising groups face are poorly skilled or equipped sellers. Let’s face it, most school aged children and teenagers would benefit from some key coaching on how to be an effective seller. In this case, a little bit of time invested on your part goes a long way to achieve fundraising success.

Selling Oodles of Noodles is easy. Achieve fundraising success by equipping your sellers to maximize sales following four simple steps.

  1. Start the conversation. Teach your sellers to begin by introducing themselves, the group or organization they are affiliated with and the reason they are fundraising. Be specific about how the money will be used and about the amount of money needed to reach their goal. For example: “Hi, I’m Stephanie. I’m selling Fun Pasta for my youth group to raise money for camp. 50% of your purchase will go back to the youth group. We need to raise $2500 to reach our goal.
  2. Engage the prospect. Tell the customer about the fundraising product. Ask them about their interests and/or hobbies. Are you a dog lover? We have a pasta for that. Ask them “What’s your favorite team? Our collegiate pasta salads are a tailgate favorite. Show them the fundraising catalog. Give them time to review the catalog and review the options available. Point out what great gifts fun pasta makes for the holidays. Make recommendations about new or popular products.
  3. Close out the transaction correctly and responsibly. Make sure you have entered the customer’s order correctly. Record their contact information accurately. Collect the money.
  4. Show appreciation and answer any questions.  Thank the customer for their time and support.  Let them know the approximate date they should expect to receive their pasta.  Provide them with your contact information should any questions arise and confirm that you will be in touch when the shipment is received to coordinate a time to deliver their order.

Once you have equipped your sellers to “sell”, provide them with encouragement and updates on the progress of the fundraising campaign. This will keep them motivated and reminds them of your fundraising objective and sales goals. Fundraising success is as effortless as child-play when you provide proper training for your sales team.

What challenges has your organization faced that have limited your fundraising success? Leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!