4 Online Fundraising Strategies that Work

4 Online Fundraising Strategies that work. Raise money right from your desk. | blog.funpastafundraising.com

We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. The most successful product based fundraisers combine both internet and catalog sales. Catalog sales allow you to have a human interaction and a more traditional selling experience with potential supporters. Internet sales allow you to expand your reach and increase the number of potential donors. Here are four tried and true online fundraising strategies that really pay off.

       1.       Promote and share your online link.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. When you sign up for a fundraiser you will receive an online link to your personal fundraising website. This online link is integrated with social sharing and is compatible with various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So promote and share your link. You will cast a wider net and increase the number of sales opportunities.

       2.       Share your story in a way that will capture attention and motivate purchases.

Your personal website is a great place to share your group’s story. You can post media and let the world know about your group’s cause and fundraising goals. Add photos and make it your own to let your personality shine through. Get creative here. The better you are able to capture attention, the better you will engage your audience and convert the online interaction to $$$.

       3.       Take advantage of 24/7 access to supporters.

Catalog sales are limited to the hours that your seller’s are able to “sell”. Internet sales have no such time limitation. Take advantage of this opportunity and reach out to your supporters at the times they are most likely to be online. With the recent surge in mobile usage, many fundraising companies have mobile ready sites. We do! You can purchase right from your iPhone. Take advantage that there are no geographic limitations. We ship everywhere in the continental USA!

       4.       Have additional incentives for online sales to motivate your sellers.

Without motivated sellers, you are unlikely to succeed no matter which strategy you use. Incentivize your sellers by offering an additional reward for both catalog and online sales. It takes very little effort to share your online link via social media and to your email contacts list. For students, have them provide a list of at least 5 out of town supporters.

Leveraging both internet and catalog sales allows your group to maximize efforts in both arenas yielding maximum profits and that is the best fundraising strategy of them all.  There are many benefits of online fundraisers. What experiences have you had with online fundraising? Have you had success with any other online fundraising strategies? Did you like it? Why or why not?