Top 12 Fundraising Resources for Schools & Non-Profits

Top 12 Fundraising Resources for Schools & Non-Profits |

Let’s face it, fundraising is not typically associated with “FUN”. While financially rewarding to your group, it can also be hard work.  Due to budget cuts and decreases in state funding schools are increasingly relying on fundraisers to supply much needed money to cover expenses for the arts, classroom supplies, playground equipment etc. PTO and PTA groups spend a significant amount of time planning and researching these fundraisers. The fact you are reading this blog reveals you are passionate about your school group and are investing time to get educated and stay up to speed on all the latest fundraising tips and ideas. Here is our list of the top 12 fundraising resources on the web that will benefit your group’s fundraising program.

12 Fundraising Resources for Schools and Non-Profit Groups

1)      PTO Today– Helping parent leaders make school great. This site covers a wide variety of fundraising ideas, shares unique products and fundraising tips.

2)– can assist PTAs in presenting unique school fundraising ideas as well as strategies for running effective fundraisers.

3)   AFRDS– The Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers  is an international association devoted exclusively to the product fundraising industry. Its member companies manufacture, supply and/or distribute products that are re-sold by not-for-profit organizations for fundraising purposes. AFRDS and its members are dedicated to promoting professionalism and integrity in product fundraising.

4)    A Mom’s Guide to School Fundraising – States are cutting education funding almost across the board. The economic crunch has also translated into fewer donations from parents who themselves are struggling. Many parents don’t know where to start. As someone who traded my full-time career to focus on helping our neighborhood school, I can help save you time, raise more money and give you customizable action plans! Sarah Barrett, school fundraising consultant

5)     Joe Garecht Fundraising – Learn how to find donors, engage them, and raise more for your non-profit. Hundreds of articles, resource guides, fundraising classes, and more.

6)      National Council of Nonprofits– The National Council of Nonprofits (Council of Nonprofits) is a trusted resource and advocate for America’s charitable nonprofits. Through our powerful network of State Associations and 25,000-plus members – the nation’s largest network of nonprofits – we serve as a central coordinator and mobilizer to help nonprofits achieve greater collective impact in local communities across the country. We identify emerging trends, share proven practices, and promote solutions that benefit charitable nonprofits and the communities they serve.

7)      Greater –  Your resource for fundraising technology solutions and ideas for nonprofit & charity fundraising events. Greater Giving is dedicated to providing technology solutions to the nonprofit community in order to improve their fundraising efforts. Greater Giving also provides free fundraising education programs throughout the year, including webinars, white papers and live seminars

8)      School Fundraising Events – School Fundraising Events has been a leader in fundraising resources and information since 2008. The site was started as a partnership between several parents who had dealt with school fundraisers for years. Our main mission is to help connect volunteers with schools to assist with fundraising. These volunteers will help with fundraising for a variety of different school activities and programs that enrich the lives of the students involved and further their education in ways that traditional classroom learning might not be able to. Many schools have seen their arts budgets slashed in recent years, resulting in the loss of music, art, dance, and other vital programs. To that end, we strive to find the perfect fundraisers for each program and match these programs up with volunteers who will be able to help them achieve their fundraising goals.

9)      National Charter School Resource Center – The National Charter School Resource Center provides easy access to useful information about funding opportunities, including grants, fellowships, and prizes. Guidance for effective fundraising strategies is provided, as well as examples of how other charter schools have successfully secured support for programs, facilities, and staff.

10)– @Pay has great information about mobile giving and church fundraising. If your organization has a large portion of millennials who are involved with your cause or is looking to increase your engagement with younger donors then check out some of their ultimate guides.The mission of the

11) – A helpful source of information about matching gifts and volunteer grants for nonprofits interested in raising more money from their existing pool of donors. Double the Donation also provides educational information about general fundraising tips and best practices.

12)   FundraisingIP – We’re a small group of fundraising professionals and volunteers who like to help where we can: at schools, animal shelters, food banks and other local groups, fundraisers for individuals, charity runs, you name it! Fundraising IP  gives us the opportunity and a place to share with you all that we’ve learned.We’re proud to be able to provide you with unbiased fundraising information, because unlike many other fundraising sites, we don’t sell any fundraising products or services. That means we get to write about any fundraising ideas and companies and products we like!

Using these top 12 fundraising resources will not guarantee success but will certainly give you a leg up in the fundraising game. Subscribe to this blog to get fundraising ideas and tips to make the most of your school group’s fundraising program. We are your one stop fundraising resource. Need to raise money? We can help!