Petite Pumpkin Pasta | Thanksgiving Fundraiser

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pasta- Gourmet best selling fundraising product delivers a taste of Italy to your kitchen. |

It’s November and Thanksgiving is nearly here. Have you been counting your blessings? November is one of our busiest months of the year so we are fully entrenched in the throes of the fundraising season. Our holiday and seasonal pastas are one of our most popular Fundraising products. They are easy to sell, taste great and make great gifts. Take our Petite Pumpkin Pasta  for example.  This would be the perfect addition to a basket of goodies for the aspiring chef. More commonly known as “Zucchettes”, they are an Italian inspired pasta and an uncommon pasta shape in the US. 

FUN Foodie Fact –Zucchetta is the Italian word for squash.

Quaint boutique pasta manufacturers dot the landscape of Italy. We visited many of these shops throughout various regions of Italy. The incredible craftsmanship we saw and delicious products we tasted motivated us to create our Italian Inspiration Pasta line. Each bag has a mix of white, orange and green pasta colored and flavored with spinach, tomato and beet powders.

Serve your Petite Pumpkin Pasta as we did here with a scrumptious Beef Ragu with Mint. Cube pieces of the holiday ham and green peas and serve with a creamy white sauce. Serve it simply with a brown butter sauce or get creative with a pureed pumpkin cream sauce. There are so many ways you can use this pasta and all of them are delicious.

Want to impress the little ones? They will go gaga for our Gobble it up Pasta!

Gobble It Up Thanksgiving Pasta. Cute turkey pasta shapes will delight everyone at the table. |blog.funpastafundraising.comThanksgiving Pasta -Turkeys |

The fun turkey pasta will keep those little fingers busy while you count your blessings.

Fundraising is easy with the right product. Give our Petite Pumpkin Pasta a try. We put the Fun back into FUNdraising. Your sellers will love selling something healthy and delicious. You will too.

Happy Thanksgiving! Buon Appetito!