Selling – it’s simple!

a. All transactions will be credit card only.


b. All orders will be placed on App or Online.


c. Order will be delivered in person or ship direct to home.


d. There will be no order forms on envelopes to collect!


a. Earn 50% profit with your total Master Order (in person deliveries) over $4,000; Earn 40% profit with your total Master order less than $4,000


b. All Direct to Home sales earn 40% Profit


c. Earn Bonus Cash Prizes based on the total gross sales! Prizes between $50-500

Signing Up

a. All Sign Ups must be done on computer. (not app)


b. First Time Leaders, go to, and click “Start My Fundraiser” at the top.


c. Repeat Leaders, go to, log in, and on your dashboard click the “Start New Fundraiser”


d. Choose how you will fundraiser: Either App & Online, or Online Only. App allows sellers to take orders on the App for delivery in person to their customers, or to ship direct to home. For Online Only, orders ship direct to home.

1st Step after Signing Up

a. Download Fun Pasta App from the Apple or Google Play stores.


b. Customize Group Page picture and story from app or computer

Inviting Sellers – 3 Ways

a. With the App, Click the Share icon, and share your Join Code via SMS (text), or Email. Sellers will then join the group and set up their personalized selling pages.


b. From your Computer Leader Dashboard, click the Email Marketing button and input your seller’s email list and an email invite to join the fundraiser will be sent out.


c. Customize the Parent Letter and send home with Sellers. Details on how to join fundraiser included!

Sharing your Fundraiser

a. Sellers will share the personalized page with their family and friends from the App. They can also share the group link from their computer via Facebook, Email, etc.


b. Leaders can also share the “group page” from the App, or share the group link from the computer via Facebook, Email, etc.

Communicating with Sellers

a. Use the “Chat” feature on the app to keep Sellers encouraged about sharing the fundraiser and deadlines.


b. Click the Email to Sellers button from your computer leader Dashboard, and you can schedule automatic emails to be sent to Sellers.

Closing Your Account

a. MUST manually close account to end fundraiser! Can do from app or computer. This action submits your Master Order (in person deliveries) to Fun Pasta. No other orders can be placed after you close.


b. Profits checks mailed 10 days after fundraiser closes!


a. Master Orders (in person deliveries) will ship within 3-5 working days from Nashville, TN. Leaders will sort and distribute products to Sellers, who will be delivering in person.


b. All Orders shipping Direct to Home, will ship within 2-3 working days of order being placed on App or Online.


a. Detailed leader reports available on App or computer Leader Dashboard.

Downloadable Forms