Elementary School Fundraisers|Get ALL Students Involved

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Elementary School Fundraisers are some of our most successful fundraising groups. However, getting children motivated to raise money can be a tricky business. Either they are too “cool” to participate or they have not been given the proper incentives and motivation. We’ve discussed incentives before. They really work. Proper “buy in” from your sellers will increase participation rates. High seller participation rates means more sales. More sales means more money raised for your group. Here are some elementary school fundraising ideas that really work.

Choosing Incentives for Elementary School Fundraisers

While some parents object to offering kids incentives to get behind their school’s fundraising efforts, this is a proven way to increase participation. The issue some have is they feel like they are bribing the students. However, incentives are seen by students as a motivational prize, not a bribe. Here are some important things to consider when choosing incentives for your elementary school fundraisers.

  • Make sure that the incentives are age appropriate. This is easily accomplished by allowing the kids themselves to come up with the prizes. Knowing that they will get exactly what they want for reaching fundraising goals is a great motivator.
  • Competition is sometimes seen as a dirty word, but if it is kept to healthy levels it can go a long way towards achieving your goals. Pitting one class against another can turn ugly in a winner takes all type of setting. Ensuring each class will receive something for their efforts will help keep the peace.
  • Partner with teachers to keep their students motivated by giving the teachers incentives as well. No matter what a person’s age is, everybody loves a prize. Working with the students on a daily basis gives them plenty of elementary school fundraising ideas that you should take advantage of.
  • Make sure that the parents are involved. Parents will cheer their children on if they know they might win a prize that they would never simply buy without being involved in the fundraiser.

Social Motivation is an important motivation factor for student sellers in Elementary School Fundraisers

While incentives are a key component, social motivation is another way for elementary school fundraisers to get kids excited.

  • Have special events at the beginning of the campaign to motivate the students, but don’t stop there. Have little events to mark certain milestones, such as reaching the halfway point of your campaign.
  • For kids that are allowed to use social media, set up a group Facebook page that they can use to motivate each other. This is also a great way to communicate important goals and milestones as well as keep the parents and teachers on the same page as the kids.
  • Like the incentives that are chosen by the students, allow the kids to choose the type of party or event they would like to have as a reward for reaching their fundraising goals.

Fundraising is not hard work with our fundraising program. We put the FUN into FUNdraising. What is more motivating than fun? Allowing children to celebrate their hard work will not only pay off financially, it also is a good opportunity to embrace the teachable moment. Fundraising teaches them life skills that are necessary for their future success. Working as a team and achieving goals are two very important life lessons they will learn during the fundraising drive that will set them up for future success.