Choosing a Fundraising Product- One size doesn’t fit all.

one size fits all fundraising product
Not every fundraising product is a perfect fit for any given organization.

There isn’t a “one size fit’s all” fundraising product that is guaranteed to get great results every time.

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When choosing a product for your next fundraiser you must first put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  Here’s how to determine whether they are a good fit:

Ask yourself these important questions:


  • Would you want to buy this? Is the product desirable?


  • Will this product appeal to a large consumer base?


  • What time of year will the fundraiser be launching? For example, a wrapping paper fundraiser would sell better in the fall for Christmas shoppers etc. than over the summer.


  • Is the fundraising product seasonally specific? Citrus and flower bulb fundraisers are examples of products with limited availability.


  • Do you already have 10 pairs of these shoes in your closet? Is the market already saturated? If other local schools are selling coupon discount books, then do something different.


  • Is this something that everyone can afford? Consider your consumer base, their lifestyle, and how much money they spend on items similar to your fundraising product.


  • Is the fundraising product useful? Does it add value? If it’s a food product, is it healthy? Is it unique?


  • Are there any other competing fundraising events within your organization?


  • Are there any logistical challenges or limitations for the fundraising product? Frozen foods require freezers or refridgerators. Some foods melt during the hot months. Distribution of these kinds of items can be challenging and requires a lot of volunteers.


As you can see, choosing a fundraising product requires some deeper insight into your organization and about your community. However, the time spent answering these questions will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your fundraiser yielding more money for your group.

Now that’s a perfect fit, from our perspective.