Change is Good!

Fundraising is something most schools and groups face multiple times throughout the year. When you hear the word, “Fundraising”, does it make you flinch? Do you have visions of lots of paperwork, phone calls, cardboard delivery boxes, etc.?? Are you tired of logistical challenges with the delivery and distribution of refrigerated products like cookie dough and pizza? Does covering the shipping costs for heavy fundraising products leave a bad taste in your mouth? For most of us fundraising is necessary to supplement and support all of the opportunities we want to give our children. So, how can you approach fundraising differently to make it fun and reach your fundraising goals?

Try something new!

Don’t be stale. Offering the same fundraiser every year gets boring for everyone and limits the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign. Try something new. Change is good!!!! Try changing things up with:

A New Product Offering

Albert Einstein defined “insanity” as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Don’t get stuck in a rut with your fundraising program. Changing the product offering not only gives your fundraising team something NEW to get excited about, the consumer also benefits by purchasing something DIFFERENT from you and all the common fundraisers out there. We try to help this effort by introducing new and creative items for you to sell in our brochure.

Offer new incentives for sellers.

Change up the incentives that you offer your sellers. Ask yourself if the incentives you’ve offered in the past are desirable? Incentives can be fun and affordable! Consider having a “week one” incentive….the child who sells the most in week one gets an ice cream or yogurt gift card. If you reach your goal, maybe the group has a Popsicle or cupcake party?! Maybe an extra recess will get their attention? Think and have fun! Consider your seller’s interests, ages, etc. when planning your incentive program. And don’t forget that we up the ante by offering iTunes and Wal-Mart gift cards as prizes when your group meets certain sales goals.

Change the time of the year

Change the time of year you run your fundraisers to avoid competing with other group’s fundraisers. Time the end of your fundraiser with a holiday to appeal to consumers who may be purchasing your fundraising product as gifts. Of course, make sure to check that you will receive the products in time for the holiday! As you can see, embracing change with your fundraising program is necessary in order to continually improve and achieve the fundraising goals you’ve set for your group. Be innovative. Think outside the box.

Here at Fun Pasta Fundraising we spend time “using our noodles” to develop exciting new fundraising products, many of which have been suggestions by you! What else could you do to tweak or change your fundraising efforts to improve your results? Has this sparked any new ideas Please comment and let us know.