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Does the idea of adding yet one more thing to your plate have you running scared? Don’t panic. We are here for you. An online fundraiser may be the perfect fit.

Fundraiser kickoff events are a great way to engage, motivate and excite your sellers. Motivated sellers will reach your fundraising goals. A little more effort on the front end pays off in the long run.

How can you put the SPIRIT into your fundraising program? Plan your work. Less can be more. Change it up. Diversify and delegate. Assemble a winning team.

The success of your next fundraiser is, for the most part, linked to the size of your audience, the way you communicate and promote your message and how effectively your message translates to sales. Here are 7 ways to promote your fundraiser.

Jennie Moore Elementary captured the teachable moment and taught their students how to be great sellers which raised nearly $10,000 for their school fundraiser. Here’s how…

School fundraisers are one of the largest and most successful fundraising groups. Here’s the secret to their success.

Are your letters lining the waste bins and finding the trash folder without even being read? Getting your message heard begins with your fundraising letter.

Choosing a healthy fundraising product for your school’s fundraiser doesn’t mean less fun or lower profits.

A fundraising group’s number one resource is…the fundraising company you are working with! They are your partners in the fundraising effort.

Don’t be stale. Offering the same fundraiser every year is boring and limits the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign. Try something new!