5 Reasons to Support School Fundraisers

girls with hand raised to support school fundraiser

School fundraisers are one of the largest and most successful fundraising groups. What makes them so successful? What are the top 5 reason’s people support school fundraisers? What insights can you apply to your next fundraiser? When you understand the reason why people support school fundraisers, you can structure your next fundraiser to appeal to all and maximize your profits. Without further ado, here’s are the top 5 reasons school fundraisers are supported.

1 Support a worthy cause.


People like to get behind a worthy cause and there’s not a worthier cause than education. The children are our future. Schools fundraise to provide needed funds for playground equipment, teacher supplies, arts and special programs that are not covered under state funding.

2 Because it was for a child’s school.


As a parent you will do whatever it takes to provide a good education for your children. Parents are motivated to participate in school fundraisers because their children will be directly benefited by the funds raised.

3 The child of a friend or co-worker asked.


Let’s be honest, the office is a great source of potential buyers for your child’s fundraiser. People are more likely to buy from people they know personally and are connected to. Co-workers often trade off supporting their children’s various activities so this essentially becomes a $ swap but it works.

4 The seller was a grand-child or other relative.


How can you saw “no” to such a sweet face? [image: cute kiddo selling pasta] Tug on the ol’ heart strings. Grand-parents, Aunts and Uncles love to support the kids in their education and extra-curricular activities.

5 Simply liked the products.


A great product sells itself. Make sure that your next fundraising product is one that is useful, desirable and is at a great price point. Is it something that people need? Are the kids excited about selling it? Is the product in demand?

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