2016 Bonus Cash Prizes



Hello Leaders!

We are excited to share our 2016 Bonus Cash Prize Program with you!  Bonus Cash Prizes are based on your group’s TOTAL sales…which includes your Master Brochure order + all Online Orders.  This is a great opportunity to increase the overall profit of your fundraising event!

So be sure and remind your sellers to share your online link/personalized webpage – and get your friends and family all over the US to order!

This bonus cash check will be mailed to you after your account closes.  Your account closes automatically the end of the month following the month in which you turned in your master order.  For example, if you submitted your order on Sept. 14th, your account would close the end of October, and check would be mailed the first week of November!  This check will come separate from your “online order profit check” which mails with this same timeframe.

Good Luck and check out the chart below to set your Total Sales Goal!

Bonus Cash Prize Program